Our service begins when you pick it up from the airport, hotel or bus terminal, at the previously coordinated time, and then be transferred to our office where we will have about 20 or 30 minutes for the respective re-packing of the luggage if necessary. , since for reasons of transport and access to the hostel CHUNCHO LODGE, it is advisable to take only what is necessary (10 to 15 kg) for the days and / or nights that your stay in the hostel lasts, which can be put inside a small backpack. After the repackaging, we will again board on the 4×4 truck to go by the interoceanic highway in the direction of Cusco, reaching the Florida Baja community in 47 km, where we will have the opportunity to have lunch. At this point we will leave the road to enter a dirt road through the jungle reaching the Tambopata River in 18 km of route, where we expect a motor boat sailing over the waters of this river for 05 minutes will take us to our hostel lines mentioned above.

After having settled and rested, we will meet for a two-hour walk through the jungle in search of some of the most representative trees and plants of our Amazon as well as shihuahuaco, lupuna, ficus, among others. We finish this activity once back to the hostel. 6:15 pm again we get together for a next activity, make a night walk in the middle of the forest, with the idea of ​​looking for creatures that tend to move during the night, creatures like: Frogs, toads, tarantulas, spiders, crickets, moths, among others. The walk will last 40 minutes to an hour. Then we returned to have dinner at the hostel.

Very early in the morning (4:30 am) we will meet to board the motor boat and navigate 1 hour upstream until we reach one of the largest and most spectacular macaw clay licks in the world because of the large number of parrots and macaws that can be seen inside the Tambopata National Reserve, and we are part of this wonderful bird show, the same ones that calls anyone attention for the noise they emit, the striking colors and the fluttering they make to eat the clay from the walls of mud located on the banks of the river formed by erosion. These clays contain a large amount of nutrients and mineral components that daily form part of the diet of these parrots and macaws. While we are witnessing this wonderful show we will settle for breakfast. Also this activity could usually be extended throughout the morning according to the climate and behavior of these birds, other birds that we can also observe in the surroundings of the colpa are toucans, pigeons, hawks, even monkeys, there are also reports of sightings of jaguars and pumas stalking the macaws.

Then it’s time to return to our lodge, sail down the river, and on our tour we also have the possibility to find some small groups of capybaras on the banks of the river, the white caiman, taricaya turtles, or we can even find the most powerful cat of South America resting on the shores or sandy beaches, the Jaguar. Once back at Chuncho Lodge, we will have a few minutes to collect our luggage and board our boat again to go back to the other side of the river where the 4×4 truck waits for us, the same one that will take us back to our office in Puerto Maldonado. After we spend a few minutes in the office, we head towards the port to board the motor boat that wait for us, while we have lunch we will sail 40 minutes. On the Madre de Dios River until arriving at Puerto Sandoval, the entrance to the lake of the same name, immediately begins a 3 km walk through the middle of the jungle, lasting one hour until reaching the area of the rowing boats in the marshy area where the aguaje palms grow, during our tour there is the possibility of encountering some small groups of monkeys like: the capuchin monkey, the squirrel monkey, the saddle back tamarin monkey or in the best of the cases with some family of howler monkey.

We boarded one of the rowing boats waiting for us, to navigate for 5 minutes in an artificial channel that connects to the lake. Once leaving this artificial channel, the beautiful landscape of Lake Sandoval opens before our eyes, then we begin to navigate and in 30 minutes we cross to the other side of the lake, we walk only a few minutes until we finally reach our hostel called CASA SANDOVAL. The rooms will be delivered so that you can rest until the beginning of our next activity, for which with flashlight in hand we will meet at 6:15 pm for a night walk in the middle of the forest, with the idea of ​​looking for creatures that They usually move during the night, creatures like. Frogs, toads, tarantulas, spiders, crickets, moths, among others. The walk will last 40 minutes to an hour. Then we returned to have dinner at the hostel.

We get up very early in the morning, then we will board the boat to make an excursion by the shores of the lake where we can appreciate in detail the great variety of flora present in the surroundings, we will also sail in search of fauna, the same that lives in this place, wildlife like birds, among which the cormorant, the herons, the shansho taricaya turtles, cute and colorful macaws fly over the lake as well as the aguaje palm trees, other types of fauna such as monkeys, alligators, bats , the giant otters, after 2 hour touring, we return to the lodge for breakfast.

After breakfast and a short break, we meet again at 10:00 am for a next activity, this time a walk of 2 doras through the jungle, where we will identify some of the most representative plants and trees of our Amazon, and Maybe we find some type of wildlife such as monkeys, sloths, birds, etc. We return to our hostel to wait for lunch, and then take a nap.

In the afternoon, we will have a new opportunity to meet and visit the opposite side of the lake with the same goal as the morning, in addition to locating in the middle of the lake to appreciate the beautiful sunset or sunset. Once the night falls we will return to the shore to make use of our lanterns and go in search of alligators, the same ones that are stationed between the bushes and in some cases also the middle lake, we look for them until arriving back to the lodge. Dinner time.

After breakfast we will board our boat again to go back to the area of ​​paddle boats in the marshy area where the aguaje palm trees grow, to start our 1 hour return walk to the entrance to the river banks where the motor boat waits for us to return to Puerto Maldonado, arriving in the city, we go to the office to pick up their luggage. Later we will transfer you to the airport, hotel or bus terminal, where our services end.

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