The lake is located a few kilometers from the city of Puerto Maldonado within the Tambopata National Reserve, on the right bank of the Madre de Dios River. Beautiful landscape with a great diversity of flora and fauna, which makes it different and an attractive place for visitors who visit it daily, due to its proximity to the city. o get there at 9:00 a.m., we depart from Puerto Maldonado in a motor boat riding 40 min. On the Madre de Dios River until we arrive at Puerto Sandoval, the entrance to the lake of the same name, a 3 km walk starts in the middle of the jungle, lasting one hour until reaching the area of Rowing boats in the marshy area where the aguaje palms grow. We boarded one of the rowing boats waiting for us, to navigate for 5 minutes on an artificial channel that connects to the lake.

nce leaving this artificial channel, the beautiful landscape of Lake Sandoval opens before our eyes, while we paddle along the shores of this lake we will have the opportunity to see great variety and quantity of flora like lupuna, some orchids, ficus, aguaje palms , lianas among others, all vegetation existing around this lake a home of varied fauna as well as; the cormorant that we usually see it flying at the water’s edge, the needle duck or snake bird with its fine long neck that protrudes from the water like a snake and pointed beak, also the kingfisher with very nice colors, the great shansho, as well as many other bird species. We also find in this lake one of the biggest alligator species of the Amazon, the black caiman, as well as water turtles on top of fallen trees and trunks of aguaje on the shores of the lake. In our tour we also have the opportunity to meet the family of giant otters, almost 2 meters long that like other species also inhabit this lake, this family, the main attraction of this place. The vast majority of our visitors manage to see them. Other species with a high probability of sightings are the monkeys, with 6 different varieties, in a good day we can see up to 5 different types of these monkeys, since Lake Sandoval is by excellence the best place within the Tambopata National Reserve to find them.

After our boat trip along the shores of this lake, it is time for lunch time at one o’clock in the afternoonn b, for that we will be located in one of the places located on the shore for lunch and rest, we will board our boat for a last and short We will walk along the other end of the lake while we go back to the area of paddle boats in the marshy area where the aguaje palm trees grow, to start our 1 hour return walk to the river bank entrance where we wait for us the motor boat that will return us to Puerto Maldonado, arriving in the city at around 5:30 pm, where our services end.

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