• Accesibility

    The Tambopata National Reserve is established on September 5, 2000 by DS N ° 048-2000 AG, and has an extension of 278, 284 ha. Among its tourist attractions are the famous Sandoval lake and the Chuncho Macaw clay Lick, these two tourist attractions are our points of operation.

  • Biodiversity

    The Tambopata National Reserve is one of the places with the greatest diversity of fauna species in the world, offering healthy habitats to species that are in danger of extinction. In this protected natural area, 169 species of mammals, 103 species of amphibians, 205 species of fish, and a record 1200 species of butterflies have been recorded. Likewise, 632 species of birds have been registered, this place for migratory birds being a stop on their route because it offers beaches and intact forests.