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    It is one of the main tourist attractions located within the Tambopata National Reserve and is closest to Puerto Maldonado. This lake is located on the right bank of the Madre de Dios River, 40 minutes east of the city of Puerto Maldonado. Then walk 1 hour in the middle of the jungle by a path of 3 km away until you reach the area of canoes rowing in an artificial canal that finally connects with Lake Sandoval

  • Biodiversity

    The water mirror has 127 ha, it has an extension of 3km in a straight line and a width of 1 km, the depth of VA from 0.50 to 6 meters. The lake is half-moon-shaped, its topography has a smooth undulation and the water temperature is 26 ° C. The waters of Sandoval Lake are rich in fish, surrounded by extensive aguajales, a swampy ecosystem where the palm of water grows as well as other exotic trees. A wide variety of veg species is observed on the perimeter.