CASA Sandoval Lodge is located on the shores of Lake SANDOVAL, which is located a few kilometres from the city of Puerto Maldonado within the Tambopata National Reserve, on the right bank of the Madre de Dios River. Beautiful landscape with a great diversity of flora and fauna, which makes it different and an attractive place for visitors who daily visit it, due to its proximity to the city. To arrive it is part of Puerto Maldonado in a motorboat sailing 40 min. On the Madre de Dios River until you reach Puerto Sandoval, a place of entry to the lake of the same name, you immediately start a 3 km hike in the middle of the jungle, with a duration of one hour until you reach the area of rowing boats in the swampy area Where the palms of water grow. We boarded one of the rowing boats waiting for us, to sail for 5 minutes on an artificial channel connecting to the lake.

On the other hand the CHUNCHO LODGE is located on the banks of the Tambopata River, to access there is part of Rio in a motorboat from Puerto Maldonado on a trip of approximately 6 hours. What we do on ARARAUNA Tours to reduce travel time to just 2 doras and minimize costs, making it more economical for you, is the following:

We depart from Puerto Maldonado in a 4×4 truck to head along the Interoceanic Highway towards Cusco, reaching the community of Florida Baja in 50 minutes to 47 km, where we will have the opportunity to have lunch. At this point we will leave the road to enter a dirt road through the jungle reaching the Tambopata river in 40 minutes, in 18 km of route, where waiting for us a motorboat that sailing on the waters of this river for 05 minutes we LL Evara to our hostel Chuncho Lodge.

Therefore we strongly recommend you to carry only the necessary clothes (10 to 15 kg) for the days and/or nights that lasts your stay in the hostel, which can put it inside a small backpack. Also the rest of your luggage can you leave in our office in Puerto Maldonado, the same one that will be waiting for the return of your trip.

Both SANDOVAL CASA and CHUNCHO LODGE provide electricity services a few hours during the day, as we use generator.

In the same way the rooms in these two hostels have each one with private bath and shower inside the rooms as as well as hot water during the 24 hours, we use propane gas.

In the same way considering the heat and the humidity in the zone, it is recommended to carry a bottle both for the walk of entrance to the lake Sandoval and for the access to Chuncho Lodge, once inside any of these hostels will have at your disposal containers of Water so they can fill their empty bottles, otherwise they can buy them at the bar.

Rainfall in the Tambopata area is around 2500-3500 millimeters per year, with the greatest rainfall in the rainy season between November and April. The average temperature in the national reserve is 28 °c, the maximums of 34 °c and the minimum temperatures of 22 ° C. During the dry season, between the months of May to October the cold fronts (called Friajes) that enter the southern part, the same ones that come from the Patagonia occur on average every month, With daily temperatures that go down to 16 °c during the day and at night they fall to 13 º C. Therefore they are also advised to take the precautions of the case before traveling to the Selvamismos that come from Patagonia occur on average every month.

Insect repellent (recommended OFF).
Sunscream protection.
Sandals to use it once in the Lodge.
Socks and snickers.
Cap or hat.
Water bottle.
Ponchos for rain.
Small backpack for excursions.
ZipLock plastic bags to protect your equipment.
Photographic camera.
Good binoculars (8×42 recommended).
A pair of shores.
Two or three light pants.
Two or three long-sleeved shirts.
Three or four T-shirts.
Hand or head torches with spare batteries.
Cash in small denominations bills, if consumed at the bar.
If you have some type of medication, keep it close to you at hand.
Passport, in addition to a copy as a precaution.