• About malaria

    For 20 years or more, even during the last year there was no record or report of persons who have acquired this disease in the Madre de Dios region or in Peru. So Malaria is not a disease that is present in the forest or in animals in our jungle, If you want to take pills against this disease, before leaving your country consult your doctor and/or specialist in tropical medicine, also the best prevention against any type of disease while you are here is using the repellent.

  • Electric power in Lodges

    Our collaborators, both CASA SANDOVAL and CHUNCHO LODGE, have electricity service for lighting and recharging of mobile devices and camera batteries. Electricity is through the use of a generator, which means that only a few hours are lit at night (6:00 pm to 9:30 pm).

  • Other agencies that also offer Sandoval Lake

    Many of the hostels are located on the banks of the Madre de Dios River and mostly include Sandoval Lake within its programs as the strong plate, here you have to be careful and read the programs carefully, as they visit you leaving your hostels SDE very early and are only on the lake for a couple of hours at the most and one time, having a minimum percentage of possibilities for animal watching.Instead, CASA Sandoval is one of five hostels that are privileged to be located within the Tambopata National Reserve on the shores of Lake Sandoval, which guarantees you a higher percentage of pasibilidades and more opportunities to visit and enjoy Of the lake in terms of animal watching.

  • The Yellow Fever

    Like Malaria this disease has not been in many years in the region or anywhere else in the country. The Ministry of Health is working hard to carry out vaccination campaigns for its prevention, so it is controlled. As to whether or not the vaccine is put, this will depend on the requirements of the Government of your country of origin at the time you return.

  • The season for animal watching

    In the Amazon rainforest we have only two epochs, being these. Dry season and rainy season, there is also no drastic change in temperature, and if we consider that the animals live in this environment, these are adapted to the two seasons, therefore are residents throughout the year. Only in the rainy season the excursion schedules could vary but not prevent to realize, except rare cases in which the rains are prolongued during the whole day. In conclusion the possibilities of animal watching during the dry season and rainy season are the same. Just keep in mind that you don’t come to a zoo, the fauna is unpredictable.

  • The Water

    The water for showers, bathrooms and washers is treated and purified water, so we suggest you do not drink it, this does not mean that it is a bad water, you can use it to brush your teeth. In the case of drinking water you will be told where the water containers are located for consumption and filled with empty bottles for excursions.